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  • Is this website done?
    Please come back often as we are adding more to our website.
  • Do you have to pay to be a Lao Helping Lao site member?
    No, Lao Helping Lao does not charge any fees for individuals to become site members. They can read our blogs and interact with Lao Helping Lao community members on our site. They may select and cancel our membership plans at any time. Our platform is dedicated to helping the Lao community connect and support one another. Whether you want to offer assistance, seek help, or simply connect with others. We are committed to cultivating a strong sense of community and collaboration without financial barriers, ensuring everyone can access the support and resources they need.
  • Will this site be translated in Lao?
    In the near future, but not now.
  • How can I learn more about Lao Helping Lao (LHL)?
    Check out our brochure on the ABOUT section. You may fill out the INQUIRY on the EXPERT section.
  • Can I make a suggestion?
    Yes, please do.
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