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Lao Helping Lao, LLC

Our Story

Lao Helping Lao, LLC (LHL) uplifts and unites the people of Lao Heritage, whether they live in Laos or are part of the Lao Diaspora worldwide.


Our mission is to ensure that the global Lao community has an organization they can trust and rely on when they need mentorship, career development, and additional resources to help them thrive. No matter how difficult a challenge may be.


Lao Helping Lao, LLC (LHL) is committed to finding the right solutions to support another Lao person in need. We will not only reach out to our global Lao community, but we will also reach out to our Lao Allies who can provide the resources necessary to support Lao Helping Lao members worldwide.


Our success means that we can create opportunities that will ensure our future generations are set up for success.


In Lao, there is a saying, "Sabai Jai," which means Peaceful Heart. Our goal here at Lao Helping Lao, LLC (LHL) is to ensure that we can create as many peaceful hearts as possible for our Lao People across the globe.

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Our work has room for improvement and growth.


Career exploration


Lao history,
and culture


Bridging the gap
between Lao
youth and elder

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